INTERVISTA AD ALAN PRICE consiste in una serie di domande “tecniche”, la cui risposte spero avrete modo di apprezzare 🙂

Ovviamente in questo caso sarà eseguita in lingua inglese.

Hi Alan, i remember we meet first time in Algarve Portugal 1999. First time in the team for you, first time in the team for me! I like to have interview with you because you are very good angler, and your score is one of the best in the world.

For example you win individual world championship two times: only you and Xavier Perez have double individual win. You have 12 world championship in your experience, 5 times in top 10, 7 times in top 15. Teams results 4 time in the podium (3 silver, 1 bronze).

Please control data about you powered by my special database, and tell me if they are correct.

These are questions for you:

Daylight fishing: traces and hooklines are always fluorocarbon made? Why?

Alan: I do not always use fluorocarbon, if I need to lift my baits I do not always use fluorocarbon with it being a heavier line. Also if fishing a lot of beaches in wales(coloured water)I don’t think there is a need for it.

Alan: I do sometimes use illuminous attractors and pop ups at night for certain species at home and abroad.

How much is important bait presentation in the water and why?

Alan: I think Bait presentation is very important ,it can avoid missed bites and also avoid tangling hooklengths.

Activity of fish is usually connected to the tide. How much in the sea, and how much in the ocean? Wich is your favorite?

Alan: Yes for a lot of species tide currant is very important,i myself like to fish when conditions are calm.

Describe your favorite trace, and when do you use it.

Alan: For fishing the North Wales beaches I like to use a 3 hook clipped down rig, its a great rig for Dogfish and Whiting. On the continent I like to use longer lighter rigs with more use of pop ups.

How many traces are present in your tackle box in competition?

Alan: It Depends wether or not I know the venue.If I know the venue well,I normaly take what I know I will need.If fishing somewhere strange or away from home I like to take plenty of different rigs to give me more options.

Alan: One of the most difficult venues I have fished is Marina di Bibbona in,Tuscany(2000)where I won the first 2 days and blanked the  last 2 days and  still finished 11th.. Also Peniscola in Spain where the fishing and species seemed to change each day.

Which are your skills that made you winning angler?

Alan: Dedication and never giving up is my strongest assets, also my family have been totally behind me to let me realise my ambition since watching Xavi Perez pick up his first Gold medal in 1999.

Which are skills complete angler must have?

Alan: 100% dedication and watching whats going on around you.

Which are the most common errors that fisherman usually commits?

Alan: Overcomplicating things and not fishing close enough in to the shore, which is something we all do I think.

Which is your favorite fishing strategy and why?

Alan: For many years it would of been fishing for dogfish, but now it has to be more the continental way of fishing.

Alan: For a lot of fishing on my local beaches in North Wales for dogfish i like uses rig bodies of 70lb Asso powerflex,hooklenghs made of 25-30lb Asso oblivion.|My hook choice would be Size1 Kamasan B940 s witvih a 3 hook clipped down rigs being my choice.For fishing lighter rigs for Garfish, Bream, Bass ect  I like to Yuki Invisible rig bodies with hooklenghs made up from P-line fluorocarbon or Yuki Invisible. Hook choice for most of these species I would use Yuki AX 63 or Yuki AX 78.

I consider you one the best angler in the shore angling story: can you give me some names of other anglers that impressed you in your experience of world championship? I need it to find next interview LOL

Alan: My Favourite anglers are Carlos Mundialista (Spain) and Kees Gillisen (Holland).

Which are favorite teams in world championship in Wales this year?

Alan: I think the World championships in Wales will be between Wales ,England and Holland.

Give advice to people who are reading, and who are starting to compete.

Alan: The only advise I can give is to dedicate yourself and be honest..

Thank you Alan, I’m sure your answers will be interesting for all readers, me included 🙂





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  1. Marcello Messina

    Molto, mooooooooolto interessante 😉
    E’ molto interessante e stimolante essere aperti e conoscere i punti di vista di Campioni del loro calibro che hanno maturato una tale esperienza mondiale e capacità di adattamento, girando decine di spiagge in tutto il mondo! C’è solo da imparare!
    Attendo con ansia di leggere la prossima intervista!
    E complimenti per l’ottimo lavoro che stai facendo 😉

    1. Roberto Accardi (Autore Post)

      Grazie Marcello 🙂



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